University of Wisconsin–Madison


Jonathan Senchyne, Assistant Professor, School of Library and Information Studies

Anna Palmer, School of Library and Information Studies

CLIR-DLF Postdoctoral Fellow for Data Curation and Medieval Studies
Heather Wacha, School of Library and Information Studies

Digital Humanities Research Assistant

Text Technologies Press Fellow
Kieran Villoth

Advisory Board

  • Florence C. Hsia, (chair) Professor, Department of the History of Science
  • Susan Barribeau, Humanities and Arts Librarian
  • James P. Danky, Serials Librarian Emeritus, Wisconsin Historical Society; Faculty Associate, School of Journalism and Mass Communication
  • Martin Foys, Associate Professor, Department of English
  • B. Venkat Mani, Associate Professor, Department of German
  • Sarah Marty, Faculty Associate, Continuing Studies; Co-Director of Holding History; Faculty Affiliate, Arts Institute
  • Bronwen Masemann, Faculty Associate, School of Library and Information Studies
  • Lisa Saywell, Library and Archives Division, Wisconsin Historical Society
  • Susie Seefelt Lesieutre, Wisconsin Historical Society (SLIS Alumni Representative)
  • Stephen L. Vaughn, Professor, Journalism and Mass Communication
  • Gwen Walker, Editorial Director, University of Wisconsin Press.

Directors Emeriti
Wayne Wiegand, 1992-2003
James P. Danky, 1992-2006
Christine Pawley, 2006-2012
Greg Downey, 2012-2015

In Memoriam
James L. Baughman, Fetzer-Bascom Professor, School of Journalism and Mass Communication. January 10, 1952 – March 26, 2016.


Affiliated Faculty