Jonathan Senchyne, Assistant Professor, Information School

Anna Palmer, Information School

CLIR-DLF Postdoctoral Fellow for Data Curation and Medieval Studies
Heather Wacha, Information School

Digital Maxima Research Assistants
Kent Emerson, MA student in Library and Information Studies
Max Gray, PhD student in English

Text Technologies Press Fellow
Michala Roberts, MA student in Library and Information Studies

Advisory Board

  • Florence C. Hsia, (chair) Professor, Department of the History of Science
  • Susan Barribeau, Humanities and Arts Librarian
  • James P. Danky, Serials Librarian Emeritus, Wisconsin Historical Society; Faculty Associate, School of Journalism and Mass Communication
  • Martin Foys, Associate Professor, Department of English
  • Sarah Marty, Co-Director of Holding History; Faculty Affiliate, Arts Institute
  • Bronwen Masemann, Faculty Associate, Information School
  • Lisa Saywell, Library and Archives Division, Wisconsin Historical Society
  • Susie Seefelt Lesieutre, Wisconsin Historical Society (iSchool Alumni Representative)
  • Stephen L. Vaughn, Professor, Journalism and Mass Communication
  • Gwen Walker, Editorial Director, University of Wisconsin Press.

Directors Emeriti
Wayne Wiegand, 1992-2003
James P. Danky, 1992-2006
Christine Pawley, 2006-2012
Greg Downey, 2012-2015

In Memoriam
James L. Baughman, Fetzer-Bascom Professor, School of Journalism and Mass Communication. January 10, 1952 – March 26, 2016.


Affiliated Faculty