Christine Pawley Publishes “Organizing Women.” CHPDC book talk available on YouTube.

During the Spring 23 semester the CHPDC was thrilled to host our former director, Prof. Emerita Christine Pawley who joined us to discuss and celebrate her latest book, Organizing Women: Home, Work, and the Institutional Infrastructure of Print in Twentieth-Century America, published by and available from the University of Massachusetts Press. The book traces the ways women used the affordances of print to build communities and institutions in the early to mid twentieth century. From the publisher:

Organizing Women traces the histories of middle-class women—rural and  urban, white and Black, married and unmarried—who used public and private institutions of print to tell their stories, expand their horizons, and further their ambitions. Drawing from a diverse range of examples, Christine Pawley introduces readers to women who ran branch libraries and library schools in Chicago and Madison, built radio empires from their midwestern farms, formed reading clubs, and published newsletters.

Pawley‘s book talk and audience Q&A is now available on the CHPDC’s youtube channel for those who weren’t able to attend live! Watch here!