Michael Edmonds – Freud Among the Pirates: Explorations in Fugitive Book History

On Thursday September 28th at noon, the CHPDC will host Michael Edmonds for a talk to discuss his new book, Bringing Freud to America Publishers, Pirates and the Popularization of His Ideas, out this year from McFardland.  About the book:

In 1900, hardly anyone in America had heard of Sigmund Freud, but by 1920 nearly everyone had. This is the story of the translators, editors, journalists, publishers, promoters and booksellers who first brought Freud to American readers. They included scientists and scoundrels, reckless risk-takers and buttoned-down businessmen, puritans and libertines, anarchists and capitalists, passionate freedom fighters and racist bigots. “American publishers,” Freud wrote to one colleague, “are a dangerous breed.” Elsewhere he called them rascals, liars, swindlers, crooks, and pirates. Here are accounts of their drunken parties, political crusades, questionable business practices, criminal prosecutions, shameless marketing, and blatant plagiarism. Ideas that Freud promoted are woven so tightly into our daily lives today that, like gravity or air, we hardly notice them. This book, based on hundreds of unpublished records, explains how they first took root in American minds more than a century ago.

Please join us in the Bunge Room (4207 Helen C. White Hall) from noon to 1pm on September 28th!