Print Culture PhD Students Publish in SHARP News

UW-Madison doctoral students pursuing a Ph.D. minor in Print Culture History have recently published contributions to the field of book history!

Megan E. Fox, Ph.D. candidate in English, published a review of Zachary Lesser’s recent book Ghosts, Holes, Rips and Scrapes for the Society for the History of Authorship, Reading, and Publishing, or SHARP, newsletter. SHARP is book history’s flagship organization. In her review, Fox writes: “Ghosts, Holes, Rips and Scrapes is a persuasive argument in favor of archival research and the integral role descriptive bibliography continues to play in historical and literary scholarship.”

Gloria Johana Morales Osorio, Ph.D. candidate in Spanish and Portuguese, published with her coauthors “Book History in South America: A Bibliography of Scholarship and Sources” in the SHARP newsletter. Bibliographies of this nature brings together and amplifies research in particular areas of the field, in this case helping to promote bibliographical scholarship on subjects in South America and in Spanish and Lusophone texts.

Congratulations to our students on their contributions to the field!